Integrating Your Personal Digital Asset System of Management

In general, people don’t have a motion of features that can be used for digital asset management integration. However, this knowledge is essential if you want to take an advantage of easy integration. Main advantages of this integration are: enhanced visibility, better user adoption, faster workflows, and improved convenience and so on.

In fact, the procedure is easy as ABC with the following tips. Here are the most convenient ways to integrate your digital asset management (DAM):

  • Brand Template. Even if you have a DAM already, consider creating of the one that reflects your branding even better. For that purpose you could use WebDAM that will seamlessly integrate with the brand. With its help you will be able to get an advantage of all benefits that this approach proposes – the users will be adopting the platform with ease and guests will be able to sustain the branding of your organization.
  • Embedded Links. With its help you will be able to save time: there will be no need to waste time on downloading the same image to the different systems. In order to integrate an image to your blog, do the simple copy-paste job, all you need is an embedded link of the image.
  • Custom URL. With its help even your DAM URL will be branded. Custom URL provides complete cohesion between the DAM and your website. Your WebDAM will have simple navigation and the visitors will be able to browse through it quickly in order to find necessary digital assets.
  • Easy Sharing. Social media plays essential role in the development of brands and organizations. That is why it is essential to make your WebDAM account easy to be shared.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds. The WebDAM account has a feature of RSS feed subscriptions so you will always keep track of the latest changes and additions of your assets.